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Introducing Grand Master George Binns

After School Karate Program in Brooklyn,NY Founder & CEO of Binns Institute of Martial Arts Grand Master George Binns has accomplished so much in the world of martial arts it would be hard to name them all. His hard work and contributions to the arts raised the standard of how professional tournaments are supposed to be ran as well as paved the way for several future national and world champions all from the same school. Here are some of his many accomplishments:

Certified Member of the US Taekwondo Union and World Taekwondo Federation

Inducted into Several Hall of Fames including the Prestigious WORLD HEAD of SOKESHIP COUNCIL HALL of FAME and THE UNITED INTERNATIONAL KUNG FU FEDERATION HALL OF FAME by Presiden Zongshi George Crayton Jr.

Promotor and Director of the "BINNS GALAXY of STARS" Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu Championships

Bestowed with the rank 10th Degree Black Belt with the Association TONG LEONG GWO SHUH GOAN INTERNATIONAL by Grand Master Manuel R. Agrella

In addition to all of his martial arts accolades, Grand Master Binns also is very multi-talented. He is a distinguished Soccer player, Track star, Sang and Acted in Broadway shows, is a musician and owned his own music label, Tobin Records. His biggest contribution is the impact he has made on generations of students that have walked through his Karate school doors and his legacy of children (Shawna, Garth, Tiffany & Troy) who he trained and has had major influences on their martial arts successes, and grand children (Najee, Lanasia, Keyon, Isaiah & Akeelah) who train to be the future of BinnsVMA.

The Instructors of Binns' Victory Martial Arts

After School Karate Program in Brooklyn,NY Sensei Troy Binns Training for 25 years
Fourth Degree Black Belt in Karate
World Kickboxing Council 2x World Champion
North American Sport Karate World Champion
Gator Nationals Light Weight Overall Champion
King of New York 2x Open Weight Champion

After School Karate Program in Brooklyn,NY Sempai Chakeem Porter Training for 11 years
Second Degree Black Belt in Karate
Long Island Winter Open Overall Champion