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Karate Classes For Kids In Flatbush,

Karate Classes For Kids In Flatbush, Brooklyn

Binns Victory Martial Arts specializes in working with children to develop their present capabilities and bring out their hidden potential. Unlike other after-school athletic activities, Victory Martial Arts also builds character, enhances coordination, and teaches success skills. The philosophy of Victory Martial Arts is to provide benefits for our students that extend beyond the walls of our Dojo, to their classrooms and to their lives.

After School Karate Program in Brooklyn,NY Karate Cubs (4 to 6 years old) The Karate Cubs is a martial arts program specifically designed for children ages four through six. This program focuses on improving your child's listening and motor skills. Our Karate Cub Classes are fast-paced, fun filled, educational and motivational. Our Karate Cubs love Karate and parents love watching their kids learn and grow in a positive, well disciplined and encouraging atmosphere. There are eight major skills our instructors focus on when training children ages four and up, those skills are: Focus, Control, Balance, Teamwork, Memory, Discipline, Coordination and Fitness.

After School Karate Program in Brooklyn,NY VMA Pride (7 to 13 years old) The VMA Pride Martial Arts program's main focus is to develop the seven black belt principles (self-control, self-discipline, respect, teamwork, perseverance, confidence, honesty), as well as improve their mental growth and their physical health. Each class teaches the value of these principles and how they affect your martial arts training, school work, and lives. On top of that developing an unshakable will to succeed and self-defense skills. The confidence that a child feels when they are certain they can defend themselves is bar none and leads to a happier life. The kids martial arts classes are safe, fun, and can help shape your kids positively for the rest of their lives.