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  • My son loves Binns VMA. During the school year, they offer afterschool services with pick up and homework help. During the summer months, they have an amazing summer camp. Year round, they offer karate training. All of which, we take full advantage of. The experience is awesome for my son. This is a family run, family oriented business that fosters building worthwhile bonds. The children have fun, the parents are happy because their kids are happy.. what more can I say! Looking forward to many years ahead. We highly recommend!

    Shari Andrews
  • A perfect family environment providing a much needed service of keeping kids active & strong to be able to battle anything life hits them with, they will have a strong foundation. A true blessing to the community for 30yrs🎉

    Vera Gill
  • A beacon of light in the community! #BinnsVMA has molded me into the person I am today and has created a strong foundation for youth who end up being leaders and pioneers. Its instructors keep negative influences at a distance and the school itself continues to be the same safe haven it has been for decades 

    Sam Simeon
  • Binns Martial Arts will actually teach you the true meaning of being a Martial Artist. They groom champions in the ring and in life. Master Troy does everything in his power to ensure that all of his students wether children or adults learn the true concepts of Martial Arts in physical and mental form. Join this school.

    Michael Simmons

    Owner of

    Full Element Martial Arts in the Bronx

    Michael Simmons
  • Binns is an awesome family oriented dojo that builds character,teaches self defense & has fun activities for the family 🥋❤

    Keisha Reece
  • Binns Victory Martial Arts is an amazing place for a learning experience in self-defense! The trainers are very knowledgeable of the techniques and training that they teach. Not only are they willing to work at the pace of the student, but they are also very welcoming and their schedules are flexible. The trainers consistently, and enthusiastically, encourage you to do your best. Whether you're a novice or a pro, it wouldn't hurt to test your skills out here with these guys! I'd highly recommend to a friend!

    Tynisha Hamilton
  • An amazing karate school to be in! It wont take long to make anyone feel like family. The perfect place to bring your child if you want them to learn about hard work and self-discipline.

    Chris Goss
  • Binns Victory Martial Arts is a warm and welcoming family atmosphere. I highly recommend this school for its excellent after school program for kids, as well as its fun, safe and affordable summer program. All the instructors are friendly and very knowledgeable in their craft. They offer self defense for the whole family, as well as cardio kickboxing classes and tournament instruction for the more competitive athlete.

    Raquel Romaine
  • This dojo has been a safe haven in the community for years!! My son is in the after school program, karate class, and will be attending the summer camp. In less than a year I've seen a significant increase in his grades and I no longer receive complaints from his teachers. Signing him up was one of the very best decisions I've made.

    Michael Horne
  • Binns VMA is awesome! The epitome of true sportsmanship and dedication. I'd recommend this to kids and parents alike who are looking for a place to call home in martial arts. A+

    Kelsey Payumo

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